When watching a game we only have eyes for the players in attack because they are the guys who score. But every coach will agree, the defense is the backbone of the team. Let me explain by taking an example:

  • Let’s say a red commander with a force of 9 soldiers meets a blue commander with only 6. That’s a 50% superiority of force. On this occasion the blue force is on defense, say, in a trench. For a blue soldier, one out of every 3 shots will inflict a casualty. For a red soldier, it is more difficult, therefore one out of every 9 shots will inflict a casualty
  • After the first volley, the attackers still outnumber the defenders, but only 7 to 5
  • After the second volley, the attackers outnumber the defenders 5 to 4
  • After the third volley, the forces are even