• Don’t think money! Money isn’t what drives creative people. Instead think of valuing their work, reward excellence, and minimize hassles.
  • Think of variety. Don’t take the people that look similar, that have the same background, etc. Diversity is key!
  • Challenge: creative people love challenges. They want to do a good work.
    Keep it simple! Don’t bother your staff with too many meetings. Let them work their way, as long as the job is done.

“If you leverage the intrinsic motivation of creative workers by stimulating their minds and minimizing hassles; if you raze barriers between managers by ensuring that your managers are creatives, too; if you tap into the creative talents of your customers instead of looking just to your nurture long-term relationships with users and employees alike, you will increase your creative capital manifold.” Says Richard Florida and Jim Goodnight in their article Managing for Creativity.