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  • When starting a project, use the SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented, Time-bounded
  • Create ways for people to monitor themselves
  • If the company gives bonuses, start looking for ways to link some protion of the bonus to how people are meeting or exceeding the cherished values of the organization
  • Buy a few inspirational posters and put them on the walls of your facility
  • Find some ways to make your positive expectations visible
  • Don’t wait for a ceremony as a reason to recognize someone
  • Walk in another’s shoes for a while. Volunteer to do someone’s job. People appreciate your efforts and you gain a better understanding of what your colleagues do
  • Make a vow that never again will you fail to personalize every recognition you make, every celebration you hold
  • Never pass up any opportunity to publicly relate true stories about how people in your organization have gone beyond the call of duty. Hallways, elevators, cafeterias, as well as meeting rooms are acceptable venues for telling a good story
  • Get people involved in planning celebrations
  • Go out at the local comedy club. Take some lessons if you can
  • Always keep a few spare tickets to the local cinema in your drawer
  • Plan festive celebrations for even the smaller milestones that your team reaches
  • Write and deliver at least 3 thank-you notes every day
  • Post your values where you and others can see them
  • Create your own reminder notice, screen saver, or other device for making visible the ways in which you encourage the heart

Here are my notes on the great book « Made to Stick » by Chip and Dan Heath:

6 Principles:

1. Simplicity

Prioritization rescues people from the quicksand of decision angst, and that’s why finding the core is so valuable. Put the core right up front.

I.e: Southwest: “THE low cost airline”, local newspaper: “Names, names, names”

Simple = Core + Compact

Tap the existing memory terrain of the audience. Use analogies or high-concept pitches. For instance to describe Alien it would be “Jaws on a spaceship”.


Proverbs are the holy Grail of simplicity.

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