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I used to have classes at night during my MBA program. Therefore I saw so many students doing the same ritual during the break: buying a bottle of water at the vending machine. It amazed me, as a French, to see that so many people in the US were willing to spend about $1.50 / $2 for a bottle of Aquafina or a bottle of Dasani. Let me explain why.

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What’s the secret to elevating a packaging to iconic status?

The concept of designing an iconic package, a package that, in its essence, becomes a signature part of the overall brand, has become something of a holy grail for brand managers and package designers these days.
The stories of their origins many times sound like beautiful accidents. It just happened that their design, not to mention the taste of the product inside them, hit a nerve with the public. That spark grew over time into loyalty, and even nostalgia.
Newer brands don’t have the luxury of age, but they do have plenty of data to show what works and what doesn’t in the overcrowded arena of the grocery store shelf. Still, there’s no flawless science to designing a package that will become a truly essential part of the brand.

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Emotional Packaging needs:

  1. Clarity of proposition as a product definition
  2. Proprietary visual expression
  3. Emotional connectivity – through an integrated sensory message and an element of surprise

Based on the book Emotional Branding, written by Marc Gobé